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May 9, 2016


by afatqiamat

I have been following Ilm deen for long , guess what…

I just found out , he has written his own blogs…



May 17, 2015

Ilm Deen Again

by afatqiamat

Last week I met that  Beggar Contractor at the beach ,  with his Kid , he was using his own Kid as his ” machine ” ..but perhaps last week , the inner father in him woke up and he took his kid to beach  , not as a machine / contractor …but as a father /son .. i don’t know about them how they felt… the kid definitely seemed to have the time of his Life , so i guess  his father too would have had a different experience , I for sure was filled with a  sacred  light of happiness… while coming   back to my Khooli , I thought i saw Ilm deen … then wondered all the way back , where was he , how was he …and what latest on him…

Ilm Deen [ fictitious  name of a REAL person ] , has been grinding his Life for the past , God knows how many years , I have seen a very healthy , upright , honest , likeable and always smiling and helpful person turn into a shadow of himself , right before my eyes within a few years

..he had an accident and that turned his life upside down , every one started abandoning him , first his luck and with it his wealth , then his relatives , then his co-leagues , then his Wife and his children  , then his brother , then his Parents , and the guy for no apparent fault of his own , getting burden after burden of harshness on his shoulder … his is a very common story , spread all around us, yet we immersed in our own world  , dont’ see it … perhaps there is no shock value in such stories , so we do not take any interest in it..

Any way … I was thinking about him … and  two days later I did find him , sitting alone , like always on his  usual place at  his usual hotel , Quetta Talash hotel , there was a cup of tea in front of him … I approached him , we exchanged pleasantries and i sat beside him ., I had a long hard  discreet look at him , trying to see any change   ..Yes , his cloths were clean , well ironed and he was wearing them regally as always , don’t know he has an air of  regalilty  about him , which would always remind me Henry Wolton’s famous poem , we used to study at school…


” …..this Man is free from Servile Bands
Of hopes to rise or Fear to fall .”

Lord of himself , though not of Lands

and having nothing yet hath all …. ” .


… this is something that is common between him and me , thats why i always relate to him, somehow……… I think ….!!

..any way , I asked how is life …. and he in a  nonchalant way   said .. the same   ” Cruel ” … then a hint of a sarcastic smile appeared on  his lips , but he controlled it …

.. I kept silent …

..he too … we both remained silent for quiet some time… then he said … you know  , my brother too has cheated me .  I kept silent .   then he went on and said…    My father gave  my brother Power of Attorney to our house  for Tax purposes , he was getting old , and i was not in Karachi , and there were some legal matters  with  House Building Corporation as well as other Utility companies  , I did not knew it… you know I don’t live at our house , just go in the night to sleep there , that all , …

Then one day he said ., Pack up we are moving ..and then it revealed to me , that he has silently without telling any one sold the house  , my father and mother are in old age   .and completely dependent on him , beside my mother too helped him , she was the one who gave him the Property documents , without telling any one , not even my father … we knew only when , he told us to Pack ….

….and from a  684 Yards nice open air and good house  , he moved us to a , what he says is 200 yards , but i figure it is hardly  120 yards  house in Clifton

… my father , who is in his often not in his senses , some how musterd courage and asked him , how has he sold the house , without  telling any one…??

… he did not answered that … he did not tell … for how much he has sold the house …and in how much he has  bought that  120-200 yard  thing …

all he said , whatever I got  from the sale of  that large house , all of it is used up in buying this crap …

… I was shocked …. it  hit me like a hammer  , so the homeless guy was homeless again…. , I looked up to him …and asked , why didn’t you did any thing….

..he remained silent …. silent for a long time… then said…  for whom … should i do any such thing … I have no nothing , no family , no home , …even my mother always sides with my brother , and for whom should now I do any such thing….

.. I said for your self , or for you parents… !!

he said , Parents…? i am a realist … in my present situation all i need is one  dingy  mattress to sleep on … I earn my own , am not burden on any one , my wife has left me , and me with working  all day out  , I cannot take  care of my parents…. at the moment its him  who keeps them , feeds them , ..and take a bit of care of them …..  yes this is life ….  he found the apportunity to strike and he did….  this is the price he has extracted ….!!

…then before i could say anything… stood up and went away ……

..and All i could do was …………… Nothing ..  with lots of unanswered question , crawling all over in my mind

August 20, 2014

More on Ilm Deen

by afatqiamat

Aaah Ilm Deen Again…1

..its after a very long time I saw him…  every time I see him , I get depressed …it is depressing to see him suffer and suffer and suffer without any respite  for god knows what… !!
…. I have heard , he is being cheated by his brother and big time… see their father for some reasons gave the power of attorney to his younger brother for legal reasons… as Ilm din had moved to Lahore and was not here… and  there were legal matters regarding the Loan on their house , so his brother was given the power of attorney …

….now years later , about  two three months ago… his brother on that power of attorney sold the  house … and brought a new one at a new location and had it transferred in his name….

Ilm Deen we know is living a nearly broke existence … barely surviving on his own of daily wages…so

..then there is another real problem… the Mother and the father….  at the moment his brother is keeping them ….though in a small dingy room  and giving  them what he calls meal …and a shelter… Mother and Father are not in a state to suffer .. father nearly out of his senses…and mother old ,fragile and weak…
..this is the main point on which his brother is blackmailing and browbeating  with out any regard…  Ilm deen cannot take them with himself….as he does not have a home… Wife and Children have left him … and no body really cares about him  or his whereabouts and how is he living .. and in what condition …  all his friend have proven to be fair weather friends only… Me too… though have tried to help him …But I have my own limitations … I myself am a lone man …. and he has Flatly refused  any of my what little help I have offered him …its his pride ..his Ego … which he calls his principals…
.. Ilm deen spends almost  all of his time outside …even when he is jobless.. he will often sit at some bus stop ..for hours …and then late at night would go  to the  small dingy room ..his brother has  given him to spend the rest of his life…

…This is a Real life  unfolding story ..

cannot take any legal actions against his brother for two reasons… one ..he is broke and cannot afford the lawyers fees…for now and for later perusal , as we all know such cases drag on for years and years and years… and are not given justice ..except to those who can buy Justice.

June 30, 2012

Ilm Deen ka Almiya part 5

by afatqiamat

A couple of day back , met  Ilm-deen again , he is now a skeleton of what he was , his shirt and pant appeared loose on his  once athletic figure . there were dark spots around his eyes , and was obviously in a depressed state .

he looked at me , empty mindedly , perhaps not even recognizing me ,  I went over to his table at the  usual Quetta Talash Hotel , where  I would see him often , sat beside him and asked him how he was …

his empty eyes , looked at me as if trying to remember , then a little glint of recognition and in a voice which did not revealed his inner state   , cordially asked  me to sit …..then without asking me , …ordered a cup of tea ….and just stared at me …without saying anything …

I asked him how he was , and he without hesitation as if mechanically answered he is alright and in the same breath asked about me ….

Actually I had heard a news , a news about his third daughter getting married  , I was wondering whether he knew it or not , for  he did not knew , or probably he was  not told  ,when they married Off his second daughter  , and when I told him about his second daughter’s marriage , …………his eyes went blank ..and a small tear appeared in some corner of his eye …said nothing  , …gulped his tea  and stood up and just went away …. with as straight and upright as one can be……but when he was  outside the Hotel ….his shoulders and head dropped  he walked away ….. as a broken man….

It pained me ….so now  with the news of his third daughter too getting married , and finding myself again in the same position ….. of that a messenger of doom ….  I could not muster  courage …. all I could do was ask him again …how is he…..?

..He sensed something in my voice ….and just  looked at me ….first empty mindedly …then a shadow came into his eyes , his whole face depicted a pang of pain , eyes dropped ….and he stood up …. stood there for an eternity ….shoulders dropped … did his  head , turned around ..and started walking toward the door .

then stopped  , turned back to me……and looked at me  hard ……and murmured …..’  so they have married away my daughter ….’ …..!!

a wave of fear , went through my  spine …. sort of a jolt , and I too stood up ….and just kept looking at him …a ragging storm filled my head  , I felt paralyzed , a small bead of  sweat must have appeared on my forehead , for I have not told him anything , not even a hint , ….  he must have seen them ….for a  wry cruel smile came onto his lips …. he just  nodded his head as is he understand , then with a twist of face ….just turned back and walked out ….  

I went after him  , and saw his  shoulders straightening  and his head raised again  , as if with an effort he is trying to control his inner turmoil ………and then melted  into the  scene .

I just stood there ….

..that night  I cried , i cried  so much that my pillow was soaked in my  tears….

Aah Ilm-din  …   when will his  miseries end , and for what  God , if any such thing exists  , is torturing him

why …why why….?  and i have no answer


April 26, 2011

Ilm deen ka Almiya ……….??

by afatqiamat

Ilm deen aksr nazr aata hey , per janay kiyoon hum apus meen baat naheen kertey….

aaj to bohot hi toota toota sa lag rehaa thaa…..kafi kamzoor , shave bhi barhee huwi …or thaka thaka saa….. khamoshi say chai pee reha thaa…..kapra albataa saf suthree of istaree kiyee huway thee….. nafees insaan hey…..per ub yeh kaprey us per dheeley dheelay say lag rehey they….

hum himmat ker key uth ker uskay paas chaley gay…..or poocha kiyaa haal hey…..,Kehney laga theek…………

phir khuch kamoshi key baad boolaa…..

……….hamarai doosri beyti ki mangni ker dee hey ……

hum ney kaha mubarak hooo..

humeen aysaa laga keh uski ankhoon meen ansoo teyr gayee heyn…………kehnay laga …….humeen batayaa hi naheen geyaa…..!! ………..aysaa lagtaa hey hum ub un sub ki zindagiyoon say nikl gayee heyn…….aisay keh jaisay they hi naheen…..!!

phir uthaa………..or chalaa geyaa…..!!

hum larz ker reh gayee………..!! itnaa toota huwa insaan……….janay zinda kaisay hey….??

wazeh rehey ………Ilm deen or uski bewi meen elehdagi hoo chuki hey, bewi …bachiyoon ko ley ker chalee gayee hey………..or ilm deen ……….idher hi…….hey..

hey kiyaa………..buw aysay hi hey….!

or hum yeh pochna to bhool hi gayee………..keh usko kaisay pata chalaa….??

or khali khali nazaroon say Quetta Talash hotel meen lagay …..TV key screen ko dykhney lagay………….jis per aik nayaa gana ………..Dum maro dum….Deepika Padokouney per filmaya huwaa chal rehaa thaa…or wooh keh rehe thee….

Oonchay say ooncha bandaa

pooti bey beythey nangaa.. ……..dum maroo dum….

PS : yeh 23 March ki  Tehrir hey ,  Aaj 26 April 2011 key , humeen kissi zariyee say pata chala hey keh Ilm Deen kee beeti ki Shadi ghalibn  28 April 2011 ko hey …

Or wooh badnaseeb Baap………….uska kiyaa kareen…??

April 17, 2011

Ilm Deen ka Almiya part 4

by afatqiamat

( Dec 2009 )

Ilm Din Milla thaa , akeyla chai pee raha thaa, Quetta talash hotel per …. hum bhi sath hi ja ker beyth gayee… chai mangai our hal chal poochaa… .. usey elehda huway huway 8 saal hoo gayee, or humeen tanhaa huway huway ….2 sal . kehney laga suna hey , pas perda masaleht kee koshisheen hoo rahee heyn ya theen…wooh abhi manzar namey per naheen ayee….. hum sochney lagay , per dil key sheesay per pari darar , ub hat naheen saktee….dil key sheeshay ka yeh baal , khatam naheen hoo sakta…or jis sheeshay meen bal aa jayee….uska hoona , na hoona barabar hoota hey …. wazeh rehey, ilm din kee bewi , jub khud kamanay lagee to ilm din ko choor ker chali gayee….!! phir kehney laga , aysee waqt bulkey is say bhi bura waqt us kay susral

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April 6, 2011

Ilm Deen ka Almiya part 3

by afatqiamat

Ilm-din aaj ziada peryshan leg reha thaa, khuredney per bataya do maheney say oper huway uski apni zoja-e-mohtarma say elehdagi hoo gayee hey, Kamal ka aadmi hey, aafice meen kissi ko paata hi naheen chalaa…….!!
or aaj bhi khuredney per hi patta chalaa…!!

darasl ,ma’eshi majboriyoon ney uski beewi ko bhi aik school meen nokri kernay per majbour ker diyaa thaa, or baqool ilm-din key apnaa paisa hath aaney per , uski nazar meen ilm-din ki qadar roz roz kam hooney lagay , yehan tek keh aik waqt aisaa ayee keh wooh ilm-din ko key jis keh sath uski 22-23 sal ki rafaqat thee, ko aik glass pani bhi deyny ko rawadar na thee .
ilm -din bata reha thaa, teen char maheney pehlay jab wooh beemar pera to do din tak akeyla hi kamray meen bukhar meen punkta raha, uski beewi or bachiyoon ko itni toufeeq naheen huwi keh usko Ponston ya Disprin ki goli hi dey deyn.

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April 4, 2011

Ilm deen ka Almiya Part2

by afatqiamat

Aaj Humeen Ilm Din Milla thaa..

Hum ney us say kahaa… Janab Tali doonon Hathoon say bajtee hey….
aap kiyaa kehtey heyn.

khuch deyr sir jhuka ker beythaa rehaa , phir kehney lagaa…. Agar aap ko aap ki Bewi aik din Nashta na dey , keh Us din Nashta us nay mangwayaa hoo..
yaa doo din , tak aap bukhar meen taptey reheyn or koi aap ko Pani bhi na dey too aap kiyaa kareen gey….??

Hum chup rehey, hum ney us say kahaa ……..humeen chooreen yeh batayeen aap ney kiyaa kiyaa…??
..kehney laga….. Musebet meen sayaa bhi sath choor deytaa hey, hum ney sirf Sabr kiyaa……or us din key baad say Nashtaa Bahir aap key sath hi ……isee Pathan key hotel per kertey heyn…… or raat ko apna khana sath ley jaatey  heyn….

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April 3, 2011

Ilm Deen Ka Almia [ ibtadiyaa ]

by afatqiamat

Ilm deen hamary sath , seth key haan kaam kertaa tha, kissi zamanay meen apna karobar thaa, phir halat ney palta khayaa, sub khuch khatam hoo geyaa, or youn wooh seth key haan aa geyaa.

aadmi eemanadar thaa, kam mehnat sey kertaa tha, Hamaray seth meen aik khoobi hey, wooh tankha to kam deytaa hey, per Kam per commision deyta hey,yani aap jitna kaam karoo utnaa kamaoo.

Karobari halat sub key samney heyn, Khuda kissi ko to chappar phar ker deyta hey, baqioon ko poora poora , so is firm meen bhi sub ko bashmool Seth ko bus poora poora hi mill reha thaa, jo keh nakafi hoota hey.

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