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May 17, 2015

Ilm Deen Again

by afatqiamat

Last week I met that  Beggar Contractor at the beach ,  with his Kid , he was using his own Kid as his ” machine ” ..but perhaps last week , the inner father in him woke up and he took his kid to beach  , not as a machine / contractor …but as a father /son .. i don’t know about them how they felt… the kid definitely seemed to have the time of his Life , so i guess  his father too would have had a different experience , I for sure was filled with a  sacred  light of happiness… while coming   back to my Khooli , I thought i saw Ilm deen … then wondered all the way back , where was he , how was he …and what latest on him…

Ilm Deen [ fictitious  name of a REAL person ] , has been grinding his Life for the past , God knows how many years , I have seen a very healthy , upright , honest , likeable and always smiling and helpful person turn into a shadow of himself , right before my eyes within a few years

..he had an accident and that turned his life upside down , every one started abandoning him , first his luck and with it his wealth , then his relatives , then his co-leagues , then his Wife and his children  , then his brother , then his Parents , and the guy for no apparent fault of his own , getting burden after burden of harshness on his shoulder … his is a very common story , spread all around us, yet we immersed in our own world  , dont’ see it … perhaps there is no shock value in such stories , so we do not take any interest in it..

Any way … I was thinking about him … and  two days later I did find him , sitting alone , like always on his  usual place at  his usual hotel , Quetta Talash hotel , there was a cup of tea in front of him … I approached him , we exchanged pleasantries and i sat beside him ., I had a long hard  discreet look at him , trying to see any change   ..Yes , his cloths were clean , well ironed and he was wearing them regally as always , don’t know he has an air of  regalilty  about him , which would always remind me Henry Wolton’s famous poem , we used to study at school…


” …..this Man is free from Servile Bands
Of hopes to rise or Fear to fall .”

Lord of himself , though not of Lands

and having nothing yet hath all …. ” .


… this is something that is common between him and me , thats why i always relate to him, somehow……… I think ….!!

..any way , I asked how is life …. and he in a  nonchalant way   said .. the same   ” Cruel ” … then a hint of a sarcastic smile appeared on  his lips , but he controlled it …

.. I kept silent …

..he too … we both remained silent for quiet some time… then he said … you know  , my brother too has cheated me .  I kept silent .   then he went on and said…    My father gave  my brother Power of Attorney to our house  for Tax purposes , he was getting old , and i was not in Karachi , and there were some legal matters  with  House Building Corporation as well as other Utility companies  , I did not knew it… you know I don’t live at our house , just go in the night to sleep there , that all , …

Then one day he said ., Pack up we are moving ..and then it revealed to me , that he has silently without telling any one sold the house  , my father and mother are in old age   .and completely dependent on him , beside my mother too helped him , she was the one who gave him the Property documents , without telling any one , not even my father … we knew only when , he told us to Pack ….

….and from a  684 Yards nice open air and good house  , he moved us to a , what he says is 200 yards , but i figure it is hardly  120 yards  house in Clifton

… my father , who is in his often not in his senses , some how musterd courage and asked him , how has he sold the house , without  telling any one…??

… he did not answered that … he did not tell … for how much he has sold the house …and in how much he has  bought that  120-200 yard  thing …

all he said , whatever I got  from the sale of  that large house , all of it is used up in buying this crap …

… I was shocked …. it  hit me like a hammer  , so the homeless guy was homeless again…. , I looked up to him …and asked , why didn’t you did any thing….

..he remained silent …. silent for a long time… then said…  for whom … should i do any such thing … I have no nothing , no family , no home , …even my mother always sides with my brother , and for whom should now I do any such thing….

.. I said for your self , or for you parents… !!

he said , Parents…? i am a realist … in my present situation all i need is one  dingy  mattress to sleep on … I earn my own , am not burden on any one , my wife has left me , and me with working  all day out  , I cannot take  care of my parents…. at the moment its him  who keeps them , feeds them , ..and take a bit of care of them …..  yes this is life ….  he found the apportunity to strike and he did….  this is the price he has extracted ….!!

…then before i could say anything… stood up and went away ……

..and All i could do was …………… Nothing ..  with lots of unanswered question , crawling all over in my mind

May 15, 2015

And he was the Man [ 3 ]

by afatqiamat

I was wandering on the beach , it was crowded , though  Thursday  , but crowded  , a lot of  peoples , all kinds , all shapes , all ages  , single , couples , with families ,without families ,  rich , poor , middle class , with their own transport or without it were there .. each  immersed in his own world , his own universe , barely aware of others around him ,  enjoying or trying to enjoy ., some were there  to just  have a good time , some like me to escape , escape from the  harshness of life , sitting  beside the waves or , sitting in the waves , some having a bit of snacks and then carelessly throwing the garbage around , other just  sitting or walking along the beach , in the water  and  looking in particular no where like me

..then suddenly my eye caught attention , it was a man ,  he was playing with a child , the child  does not appeared normal , he had a bit of sling in his leg , but  seemed  happy , very very happy ,  splashing in water , trying to run , then  falls and laugh at himself  , at his own fall , and then would try to run again and deliberately  fall  just to laugh at himself  , he was soaked in water , but seemed to enjoy it , his father had sometimes a concerned look , at other time  happy , Happy  for his child being happy , and showing a mocking  anger and asking his child to be careful …. but the child would act as is ignoring him ..and playing his own run and fall game …

…I looked intently at his  father , he looked familiar , I tried to remember  , now where have I seen him ..?? .  in the mean while , the child had a sudden rush of energy and ran straight to him , with such force ….that his father too fell ….  the shock of  such sudden rush of energy  shocked his father …and for a moment he seemed lost…. child suddenly became a bit scared….  for he has just pushed his  father to fall …. then the man came out of shock …. and feeling his own situation ,  ..looked at his child…. then seeing the shadow of  fear in child’s eye ….   stood up….  and laughed , a sudden sigh of relieve appeared in child eyes ….and he again rushed toward him and tried to push him down ,pushing his leg …… the father sensing his effort , deliberately fell down and they both laughed …. a father son hearty laugh

…and  my mind wandered … now where have i seen him…  !!  ..the man looked around  and sensed me  looking at him … at the same moment  ,  I looked at him …. and in a flash I recognized him

…he was the man , who was in charge of all those beggars , .the one he called his machines ….. he would bring them every morning  … my mind flashed ….. and a thought , kind of doubt rose his ugly head in my mind …….. could this be his own child … the one us himself would set at some road corner to beg ….??

..the child would earn for him ….and he would take care for him…. not as a father , but as a caretaker of other beggars ..his machines …. and then collect them in the evening with thier earned income , … but today he was not  the caretaker , or contractor …but rather a father … treating his own  son , …may be to a holiday …. from the begging job ….   my eyes met his ,  a dim spark of recogniation came into his eyes.. I approached him … smiled and asked…. your child ..?  he  remained silent , perhaps deliberating in his mind , should he answer  me or not … or who am I ?, and why am I asking this question .?.. but then he  relaxed … perhaps recognized me … and said … yes…  ..then looked back at his child and gently said ….. ” Sarfraz lets go …. ” …. the child wanted to play more … but he firmly held his hand …. and as soon he held his hand .. the child who was so  bubbly and happy and playiful … became obedient …….and simply walked  , no dragged himself  along side him , without saying another word …  he then stopped at a  khooka …. and brought some  candies  and a packet of chips … child’s face lit up again ..

…and they  then walked to the same  wagon , which was now kinda  familiar to me , in which he would bring his machines every morning …. and drove away …

… I kept looking his way ….  and turned around … for the sun was about to set … and setting sun in the waters of  Arabian Sea on Clifton beach , dirty ugly beach  , unclean beach  …is one good sight …. but today the beach did not looked dirty to me…. instead  if was glowing …. glowing with  the  love of a  father for his child … I felt a  certain invisible light al around me … looked around , and heaved a sigh …..

For a  fleeting moment i thought i saw  Ilm deen there too …..  then shrugged …and sat there for god know  how long … till that light of  fathers love for his child dimmed in me….

June 8, 2014

Season of Muslamization

by afatqiamat

..kal assi market gayee tey pata chaliyaa keh musalmaniyaan da mousum shiroo hoo geyaa hey …. Ramzanaan ich 20 din reh geay heyn…..

phir sanoon pakka pata chaliyhaa jadoon , dukandar ik haftay ich Rs 10 da muslamaan nazr ayaa…….. haftay pehlay hi 500 ml dee bootel Rs 35 dee hai …. feyr Rs 5 dee musalmani hoyee …. tey hun Rs 45 dee hey …. yani Rs 10 dee musalmani hoo chuki hey …. tey ajn 20 din baqi heyn…….!!1

….Sach hey ……asee koi Kafir thoori heyn …. jeyrey apny tehwaraan tey Qeemataan kam kariyee…..!!

…Tehwaraan tey Qeematan karn daa riwan sirj Kafiraan da hey …. per assi Kafir naheen …..

….Assi Qeemataan kam ker key Kufran-e-naimat naheen kar sakdey ….

Crude English Translation :

Season of Muslamization

…. yesterday I went to the market , and realized the the season of Muslamizaiton has started … around 20 days are left for Ramzan ….!!
..then this was confirmed when I realized shopkeeper is Muslamzied by Rs 10 within a Week….. see….. 500 ml Bottle was a week ago Rs 35 , then it was muslamized by Rs 5 / at Rs 40 ….and now with Rs 45 it is Muslamized by Rs 10 ….. and yet there are around 20 days left for Ramzan ….!!

…. its True we are not Kafirs… infildels….. its only the Infidels and Kafirs who reduce prices on their religious /festive occasions …!!

….Reducing prices on religious /festive occasions is the tradition of Kafir /infidels ……and we are not one of them….

and also ….. by reducing prices we would be showing ” Nashukra Pan ” …to the bounties of Creator …

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May 5, 2012

Our Crosses

by afatqiamat

Every One of US.
Carry his own cross…

the irony is…. We spend our whole life……constructing this Cross for ourself.

…..and in the End ….. when we our self are PUT on this CROSS… we exclaim…..WHY….??

…and Blame every One for the injustice being Done to our self…….!!

..But then…… No one CARES….. Every one is busy building his own cross……

Just pause for a moment…..take a second off …your cross construction… Look Back… Look around You……
and you will Find EVERY ONE…… constructing his own cross…

But then When ONE’s Cross is complete….. they will JUMP up on the opportunity…… and Nail YOU to YOUR own Cross….

… your cries will fall on DEAF ears…..because then they will GET Back …….to Construct THEIR CROSSES…

…….I am about to Complete Mine…..!!……and Now the Shifty Uneasy Eyes Around Me are waiting …………

EAGERLY for the Opportunity…..!!!!… nail me to my Cross…

April 8, 2011

Aik Sanjeeda Baat

by afatqiamat

aik sanjeeda bat kehney jaa rehey heen , so usko mukhtasir rekheen gey.

khush loog aik arsay say ik kawish ker rehey heen , yeh khamooshi say , khidmet-e-khalk meen hissa dalney walay loog heen .

goo hum inkay baray meen ziada naheen jantey , per mukhlis legtey heen .

koi bhi sahib , tehkeek kernay kay baad , inka hosla barha sektey heen.

sub say achee baat yeh hey keh , aap apni ‘contributions’ waghaira per khud nazar rekh saktey heen,inka sala system Net based hey , or her shaks khud mushahida ker sakta hey keh yeh kiyaa ker rehey heen.

registr ation free hey, or zarori naheen keh aap ney khuch ” contribute kiya hoo ”
register hooney kay baad in key BMS [ beneficiarry management system ] key zariya jo khuch hoo reha hey , ya yeh ker rehey heen , aap usper khud nazar rakh saktey heen.

Agar samajh ayee or aap apni tehkeek say mutmaeen hoon , to shamil hoo jayeen , warna kam is kam inko inki kamiyabi kee neek tamanayeen zaroor deyn , or dua kereen keh yeh ‘ sirat-e-mustaqeem ‘ per qaim raheen .

English :


is a welfare organization , contributing in their own way , silently , though I do not know much about them, but they appear sincere , one can investigate and then decide , if one finds they are Ok, then I think they deserve ‘ appreciation ‘ for their effort

the good thing is, you can keep track of your own ,contributions and help through their BMS [ Benifeciary management system ] , which is web based , all you have to do is join , which is free .

I pray , god keeps them sincere and honest .

March 27, 2011

Fohish Guftago Indecent and Vulgar

by afatqiamat

Jee han , yeh aik fohish post hey .

Aurat kis mard ko achee naheen lagtee …?? humeen bhi lagtee hey , or rangeen khiyalat bhi aatey heyn , shayed auratoon koo bhi aatey heyn …….yeh to qudrat hey.

Humeen Sania Mirza achee legtee hey, uska kassa kassa badan, dil meen gudgudi kerta hey, humeen Rani Mukherjee key muskan bohot achee legtey hey, ……bangal ka Jadoo sar cherh ker boolta hey, hum ney Rakhi Sawant ki kama-sutrra kay andaz youtube per deykhey heen, halankey wooh , Kama sutra ki demonstration day rehee thee…. magar, kaprey pehney huway thee., acha laga, aamiyana pan na thaaa….
Halankey hum ney Shruti Sharma ki Tezab say bhi khuh muntekhib hissey deykhey.

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