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December 6, 2016

Rag Tag Cricketer

by afatqiamat

..I have not said much about my Cricketing career , except that I have played with Hakim Saeed sahib once..cricket1

..The Era in which I played cricket were crazy times , Lillie Thompson, Max Walker , Asif Masoof , Andy Roberts , Bob Willis along with Imran and Sarfraz were craze ..

I was never into bowling , but had this ability to bowl with both arms , and was good at copying styles , so in the practice sessions of our Team I would bowl with both Arms …and copy the styles of Lillie , Thomspon ..and especially Asif Masood , his long run up , from near the boundary , with a signature one step backward and then coming diagonal and straightening up to fire up the bowl was my favorite ,I was never considered serious bowler maybe because of my copying.., I could also bat with both hands ie Left and Right , but was not much of a batsmen either , and here is the interesting part… though in the Nets I would bowl…but in actual matches I would keep the wickets ,I was good and daring at stopping balls , would stand up some times even to Fast bowlers, I was also into Statistics , so I kept a record of my team ,and my own , ..just yesterday , I found it … and it amazed me I had more stumping then Catches ..!! in some 80-90 matches , of which I kept record spread over some 3-4 years , I did some over 100-110 Stumping and barely 11-12 catches or may be 20 , was not a good batsman , the highest I scored was some 50-52 runs may be twice.

That was a really crazy time , and I was crazy about playing , I had played along with Amin Lakhani the South Paw who did double hatick [ hatrick in each inning ] against the visiting Indian Team under Bedi , also along with Asif Mohammad the nephew of Hanif and cousin of Shoaib ….I was so crazy then even in the hot sultry May -June , on each Sunday or any holiday , when our team was not playing , I would pick up my kit bag [ my own keeping gloves and pads ] and wander from ground to ground ..and on 99 % of times would find some team Short of a player , especially when they find out that I had my own Kit Bag… I even once went along complete strangers to tour Hyderabad to play a match , unfortunately it rained and we could not play a single ball, ..we slept on footpaths that night , as traveling at nights was dangerous ..imagescr

Those were changing times for Karachi as well , in 72 Pakistan broke , then 79 Iranian Revolution , the USSR’s Invasion of Afghanistan , … a lot of influx of Immigrants in Karachi , that changed the entire nature of the city , a city that was once accommodative ….become a killing field .. but on that some other time..

May 9, 2016


by afatqiamat

I have been following Ilm deen for long , guess what…

I just found out , he has written his own blogs…



December 30, 2015

2015 in review

by afatqiamat

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 25 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

May 12, 2015

The Long Wait

by afatqiamat

Complaining again …?… you ungrateful  thing…

..sigh … this is what I tell myself whenever , my heavy heart forces me to shed down some burden …

Last night .. I took the last coach , and fortunately  it dropped me near  the sea … it was kind of deserted so i wandered down to the water …..and sat there on the wet sand …. then cursed myself  that I  will have to wash my cloths now , because it was wet .

and then immersed my feets in the waves , closed my eyes and tried to think of God . in the hope that may , just may be , he will appear out of no where when no one is around and at least listen to me…

..then I felt , the waves are trying to say something to me , gently knocking  on the door of my soul , I kept my eyes closed and tried to listen .

… i thought they were trying to say , that i should tell the God about my  miseries , about my problem  , about the nearly monolithic perpetual state of Pain I am in , I felt my heart opening , but it was too dark , only the waves and their sound …

so I asked why ..? why am I being tried , and tried for so long , the cruel heart of  mine laughed .. because you are always complaining  , I asked for how long will this continue , he laughed again  , and said …as long as he likes .

…then it said , your miseries are nothing , compared to some others so forget about them …beside he is busy and not interested in your miserable always whining and crying  , you are alive , you should be grateful for that ,…. I said  and what about him being merciful ……. and in response  , it just laughed and laughed and laughed ….and in that laughter , another laugher merged .. these were the waves  , now laughing  along him …

..and with heavy heart , I stood up … and walked and walked and walked , all the way , some  4-5  kilometers back to my Khooli …. that night while sleeping on the  roof , for its too hot , even the fan  throws flames instead of air , beside  the Bill , Last months Electric Bill , ….why do they always increase the electricity rated in summers…??

..any way … while on the roof , and looking at the half burned  mosquite coil  , I looked up , beyond the floating  clouds , there were stars ….far far away stars …. looking down at me , with contempt …and laughing

..Sigh .. i guess i cannot do anything else , except bear it out , for as long as he want , i am kind of his game ..and he loves my miseries and enjoys them , for it being too long  18 plus years , and  8 years since i had a decent meal , a decent home  cooked meal …  and i feel a sleep …


June 8, 2014

Season of Muslamization

by afatqiamat

..kal assi market gayee tey pata chaliyaa keh musalmaniyaan da mousum shiroo hoo geyaa hey …. Ramzanaan ich 20 din reh geay heyn…..

phir sanoon pakka pata chaliyhaa jadoon , dukandar ik haftay ich Rs 10 da muslamaan nazr ayaa…….. haftay pehlay hi 500 ml dee bootel Rs 35 dee hai …. feyr Rs 5 dee musalmani hoyee …. tey hun Rs 45 dee hey …. yani Rs 10 dee musalmani hoo chuki hey …. tey ajn 20 din baqi heyn…….!!1

….Sach hey ……asee koi Kafir thoori heyn …. jeyrey apny tehwaraan tey Qeemataan kam kariyee…..!!

…Tehwaraan tey Qeematan karn daa riwan sirj Kafiraan da hey …. per assi Kafir naheen …..

….Assi Qeemataan kam ker key Kufran-e-naimat naheen kar sakdey ….

Crude English Translation :

Season of Muslamization

…. yesterday I went to the market , and realized the the season of Muslamizaiton has started … around 20 days are left for Ramzan ….!!
..then this was confirmed when I realized shopkeeper is Muslamzied by Rs 10 within a Week….. see….. 500 ml Bottle was a week ago Rs 35 , then it was muslamized by Rs 5 / at Rs 40 ….and now with Rs 45 it is Muslamized by Rs 10 ….. and yet there are around 20 days left for Ramzan ….!!

…. its True we are not Kafirs… infildels….. its only the Infidels and Kafirs who reduce prices on their religious /festive occasions …!!

….Reducing prices on religious /festive occasions is the tradition of Kafir /infidels ……and we are not one of them….

and also ….. by reducing prices we would be showing ” Nashukra Pan ” …to the bounties of Creator …

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May 21, 2014

Brief Update

by afatqiamat

Brief Update

My Landlady , Amma Bi has sold her house , she is in the process of shifting to somewhere else… till then



bas Saday Haq ich dua karoo


May 13, 2014

Getting torn Apart

by afatqiamat



These days I am going through  severe personal  conflicts , that are within me , invisible , .and they are tearing me apart , the conflicts are at a deeper level , questioning my very existence , even the reason for existence .
a  whirlpool of  powerful forces  dragging me into different directions , I am trying to get out of their reach , because I know once I am caught into them , it will only end up as  madness  , and I don’t want that .

Madness that will be destructive for me , whatever little semblance of sanity I have left in my outer demeanour will shred my soul irrevocably

i have and am trying to divert my attentions to other trivial  but kinda engaging activities ….. but then suddenly out of no where   , like a bolt  and inner conflicts in me  strike ,… I go numb , suddenly  every thing become uninteresting  ….I don’t know how I keep my demeanour , the outer appearance … 

these conflicts are because of a deep personal nature , I don’t  think any body can understand  them , or even is willing to understand them … life is too busy …. one moment is a precious moment , not to be wasted ….

perhaps …………..perhaps …. when  I  retire … I may find someone …. equally alone ….like me 

tut geya ik bandhan dhagey toun wee jo kachca  see.
khuch ta tha oo , keh na howan to achcha  see…  

January 27, 2014


by afatqiamat

TImageoday  27 Jan 2014 is my birthday , today I have lost one more year of my life ,and gained one more year of my life ,usually on my birthday  colleagues at my office contribute and bring a cake  , my Seth a young man , treats me with respect  and I have no other responsibilities except what ever I think  would fancy me on that day , so  on days  I act as  chowkidar , sit on his stool all day , on other day I simply occupy  the manager chair  , and because of  my Seth , they  complain but only to themselves  as I intrude on their  Job responsibilities , but the Seth respects me so much , so they cannot do anything about it , except bear me , ………and now after years , I am just an eccentric  entity  somewhat colorful , but at time dangerous  for  I do not want to brag , but I have gone god damn honest  , I do not take any wages , except daily wages  and only for the work I do  , so If I work 2 hrs I ask  for 2 hrs of wages , and if  8 the 8 hrs of wages  ,Seth has many time tried to  fix something Monthly , but I have strongly refused .

I live a self imposed isolated existence  , have leaved all and every one  , after an accident which was the closest  a man can get with death , infact  I believe I had tasted death , as during that experience I saw my dead body with my own eyes , while hovering  over , went through the proverbial   “ tunnel “  spoke in some strange language with some unknown being  and returned , and the next three months in the most tiring and trying circumstances  .

Now I live an Old lady ,Amma Bi , who has graciously  allowed me One room in her house , where all I have is a  12inch Fat Mattress , its good quality , for  even years of use , sometime  I  laid on it for days…there isn’t a single dent  in it  , its still as smooth as new  , two three pillow , around 6-8 dresses , one pair of shoes , one Chappal ,  another pair of kind open shoe , two towels , one Chair , a half table , a few books  , one Rug filling all the room …..and I call this room my   “ khooli “ … usually I go out around 12 am including Sundays …and return around 12  Pm , have breakfast as a  local Pathan Hotel  , and in the evening something as dinner , from  Kathiwari  chooleys , to Biryani , to Bun Kabab , to burger , to Chinese Rice , to Soups , to Bheel Puri , to Zinger , to Fish , to any thing that fancies me that day and is within my budget of that days  wages , it’s a simple life , no complication , just bidding my time .

That one incident changed my life , from a pretty gregarious  merry happy go lucky and Friend of every one kind , I shut myself down in my own  cocoon of existence  , an Isolated  far away from every one , even my Family , my father , my mother , my wife , my children every one ,the reason is simple I feel betrayed , because in  the most tiring circumstance , while after the accident , I lost every thing , my Business ,  money , and worst the  trust in every one  , and now I live all alone

I do not want to make any friends, though other try , but are stonewalled from my side , for I do not want myself to have any expectations from any one  , often people are perplexed and now they have declared me eccentric  , kinda mad , but that’s the way things are now …

I tried to get involved my myself only , and that is pretty selfish of me , but it’s a well considered , for some maybe wrong  thing  , but for me its what it is  now , I know , when I will die , no one except may be  Eidhi or some other similar organization will bury me , or maybe my family , for I have from then held no expectations from any one  , and if any one tries to  “ instill sense “ in me to return to normal life , he get the shock of his life , when I put him on the ignore list and ultimately  his sympathy wave dies out  and he leaves me alone .

Just out of boredom , I to preoccupy myself ,  without any commitment tried a hand at blogging , my blogs was in Roman  Urdu , at one time it was pretty popular ,then I discovered my Punjabi Roots , and started seeing things in a new perspective , then it dawned on me , that the people around me , the Karachi people , the  Urdu speaking people are the most racist and bigoted one , spare one or two  , it led me to do a bit of research on my  Punjabi origin and I discovered that we Punjabis are trapped in a deception , but that’s another story , since that day , I stopped writing blog in Roman  Urdu ….and now its after Ages I have written anything for my blog Image

So this is something I have written after a very  very  long time …. And its not for any one , its just for myself…

May 5, 2012

Our Crosses

by afatqiamat

Every One of US.
Carry his own cross…

the irony is…. We spend our whole life……constructing this Cross for ourself.

…..and in the End ….. when we our self are PUT on this CROSS… we exclaim…..WHY….??

…and Blame every One for the injustice being Done to our self…….!!

..But then…… No one CARES….. Every one is busy building his own cross……

Just pause for a moment…..take a second off …your cross construction… Look Back… Look around You……
and you will Find EVERY ONE…… constructing his own cross…

But then When ONE’s Cross is complete….. they will JUMP up on the opportunity…… and Nail YOU to YOUR own Cross….

… your cries will fall on DEAF ears…..because then they will GET Back …….to Construct THEIR CROSSES…

…….I am about to Complete Mine…..!!……and Now the Shifty Uneasy Eyes Around Me are waiting …………

EAGERLY for the Opportunity…..!!!!… nail me to my Cross…

January 27, 2012

2012 ki Hamari Salgirah

by afatqiamat

aaj  27  January  2012 hey ,  aaj  suna hey hamari salgirah hooti hey…

Aaj  kafi loogon ney humeen salgirah ki mubarak bad dee hey , affice meen aik bar phir  her saal ki tarha  chanda ker kay hamaray liyee CAKE  bhi ayaa , uskay sath chai bhi or samoosay bhi … hasb-e-mamool  Seth ney aik lifafay meen humeen Salgirah ka tohfa alag diyaa . aglay maheeney key khooli key kirayee meen kaam ayee gaa…..  khuch loog mashqooq heyn key hamari salgirah hey bhi key  naheen , hum ney bari himmat ker key  apni Ami jaan ko phoone kiyaa ,unhoon ney bhi mubarak dee, or gilla kiyaa keh hum ub to ghar aa jayeen ,…hum chup say hi rehey ….phir hum ney apna sandooq khangaala us meen  Muncipality ka hamara Birth certificate bhi rakhaa thaa , ooos per bhi yehi tarrekh hey or  oos per sarkari dastakhat ba’ma  afficer Babu ki mohr key moujood heyn  , sath hi hamari kachi pehli ki report card bhi peree thee….oos per bhi yehi tareekh hey , oos per to hamary Head master sahib key dastakhat bhi heyn ….so  yeh to yaqeen hey keh  hamari  salgirah aaj hi hey ……. baqi kitney sal key heyn hum…  yaad ayaa aksr loog  hamari bateen sun ker kehtey heyn …. abay juma juma  aath din ki paidaish or aysee bateen…

Errr…….walah alam basawab

PS waisay hum ney aik najoomi say  zaicha  nikalwayaa thaa , errr….bulkey  aik software key zariyee khud nikala  thaa….us key mutabik  hum  26 Jan ko raat  11 bj ker  theek  24 minute per  paida huway  they………….. isee liyee  ami kehtee theen keh hum raat ko 12 bajay paiday huway they….
Errr….phir wallah alam basawab.

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