And he was the Man [ 3 ]

by afatqiamat

I was wandering on the beach , it was crowded , though  Thursday  , but crowded  , a lot of  peoples , all kinds , all shapes , all ages  , single , couples , with families ,without families ,  rich , poor , middle class , with their own transport or without it were there .. each  immersed in his own world , his own universe , barely aware of others around him ,  enjoying or trying to enjoy ., some were there  to just  have a good time , some like me to escape , escape from the  harshness of life , sitting  beside the waves or , sitting in the waves , some having a bit of snacks and then carelessly throwing the garbage around , other just  sitting or walking along the beach , in the water  and  looking in particular no where like me

..then suddenly my eye caught attention , it was a man ,  he was playing with a child , the child  does not appeared normal , he had a bit of sling in his leg , but  seemed  happy , very very happy ,  splashing in water , trying to run , then  falls and laugh at himself  , at his own fall , and then would try to run again and deliberately  fall  just to laugh at himself  , he was soaked in water , but seemed to enjoy it , his father had sometimes a concerned look , at other time  happy , Happy  for his child being happy , and showing a mocking  anger and asking his child to be careful …. but the child would act as is ignoring him ..and playing his own run and fall game …

…I looked intently at his  father , he looked familiar , I tried to remember  , now where have I seen him ..?? .  in the mean while , the child had a sudden rush of energy and ran straight to him , with such force ….that his father too fell ….  the shock of  such sudden rush of energy  shocked his father …and for a moment he seemed lost…. child suddenly became a bit scared….  for he has just pushed his  father to fall …. then the man came out of shock …. and feeling his own situation ,  ..looked at his child…. then seeing the shadow of  fear in child’s eye ….   stood up….  and laughed , a sudden sigh of relieve appeared in child eyes ….and he again rushed toward him and tried to push him down ,pushing his leg …… the father sensing his effort , deliberately fell down and they both laughed …. a father son hearty laugh

…and  my mind wandered … now where have i seen him…  !!  ..the man looked around  and sensed me  looking at him … at the same moment  ,  I looked at him …. and in a flash I recognized him

…he was the man , who was in charge of all those beggars , .the one he called his machines ….. he would bring them every morning  … my mind flashed ….. and a thought , kind of doubt rose his ugly head in my mind …….. could this be his own child … the one us himself would set at some road corner to beg ….??

..the child would earn for him ….and he would take care for him…. not as a father , but as a caretaker of other beggars ..his machines …. and then collect them in the evening with thier earned income , … but today he was not  the caretaker , or contractor …but rather a father … treating his own  son , …may be to a holiday …. from the begging job ….   my eyes met his ,  a dim spark of recogniation came into his eyes.. I approached him … smiled and asked…. your child ..?  he  remained silent , perhaps deliberating in his mind , should he answer  me or not … or who am I ?, and why am I asking this question .?.. but then he  relaxed … perhaps recognized me … and said … yes…  ..then looked back at his child and gently said ….. ” Sarfraz lets go …. ” …. the child wanted to play more … but he firmly held his hand …. and as soon he held his hand .. the child who was so  bubbly and happy and playiful … became obedient …….and simply walked  , no dragged himself  along side him , without saying another word …  he then stopped at a  khooka …. and brought some  candies  and a packet of chips … child’s face lit up again ..

…and they  then walked to the same  wagon , which was now kinda  familiar to me , in which he would bring his machines every morning …. and drove away …

… I kept looking his way ….  and turned around … for the sun was about to set … and setting sun in the waters of  Arabian Sea on Clifton beach , dirty ugly beach  , unclean beach  …is one good sight …. but today the beach did not looked dirty to me…. instead  if was glowing …. glowing with  the  love of a  father for his child … I felt a  certain invisible light al around me … looked around , and heaved a sigh …..

For a  fleeting moment i thought i saw  Ilm deen there too …..  then shrugged …and sat there for god know  how long … till that light of  fathers love for his child dimmed in me….


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