Rambling of a Mad man ……who / what / why ….??

by afatqiamat

light..There was nothing but the Light , clear , pure light….. Creator perhaps got bored…he wanted to know about himself… for in the absence of ” Difference ” .. you cannot know …for example you need darkness to know about light , Lie to know about truth , white to know about other colors…etc.etc.etc…so you need ” Difference ” …
so Perhaps he created a ” Difference ” to know about himself… and in creating the ” Difference ” a portion of light was displaced…. and in that displaced portion he created…what we know as ” Universe ” …all the Galaxies /planets/ life / different objects/ forces …both visible and invisible., the knowns and the unknowns .. and then it created the ” interplay ” …the interplay between his creation …. and that is what propels the Universe…. the known as well as unknown Universe…
…and Perhaps … in creating that ” Difference ” he has to use some of the ” Soul ” ..the Soul of Universe…. the Soul which got corrupted … and now needs to be purified again…..

… More on it Later …in the same series… ” Rambling of a Mad Man ” …. keep tuned and wait for next part..


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