One spark of his essence , created the Universe .

..from it the soul was created , a creature by the creator . so that the creator can enjoy his creations.

Bestowal is the only quality of the creator , creature yearns to achieve that quality , so as he be the same as the creator . ….this yearning is the result of the fall of ADAM , and that fall is not just physical , its spiritual ….

…the lingering remembrance of his own exalted STATE , when he was in the essence of creator , is the force that creates the unsatisfactory state he feels , even if he gets all the world.

creature is unaware of that Rishimo , for that reshimo is from a STATE which is beyond the physical or corporeal existence .

to recognize even the existence of such a STATE , creature has to find ways , to perceive the existence of the essence .

thats where creature’s altruistic as opposed to Egoistic nature come into play.

All religions are restrictive , possessive and exclusive , spiritualism is not ….so spare me ” The Religion ” …. mine is bigger then yours is just rehotoric with ulterior motives . the result of which has colored RED the annals of history………. period.

.if you have the yearning to taste the bouties of HIS bestowal , then your heart is the gateway , it has a small door ,a desire , based on the lingering remembrance of your own exalted state , find it …..!!
and ask for removal of those obstacles which are between your prayers and his bestowal.

Adam fell ,because it crossed a barrier , the eating of forbidden fruit is allegorical , and the result is a spiritual fall .
the physical manifestation of which are we , …the carrier of empty vessels , yearning with the desire to fill it again with the bounties and bestowal of his essence , only we do not know .
Religions actually divert , …not with standing the claims of showing the true path.

had this been so , others who are outside the formal religion would not have achieved the exalted states ,they did….

the search for truth , leads from your heart , not mind , mind seeks reasons and narrows you away from the truth.

the collective soul of the mankind , progresses in stages , the screens and the barriers are the cause of all that is evil , these screens and barriers are put their by the Egos . …the ” I”‘s the ” we’s ” …..formal religion augment those I’s and we’s ….and trap you …in an illusion away from reality.