More on Ilm Deen

by afatqiamat

Aaah Ilm Deen Again…1

..its after a very long time I saw him…  every time I see him , I get depressed …it is depressing to see him suffer and suffer and suffer without any respite  for god knows what… !!
…. I have heard , he is being cheated by his brother and big time… see their father for some reasons gave the power of attorney to his younger brother for legal reasons… as Ilm din had moved to Lahore and was not here… and  there were legal matters regarding the Loan on their house , so his brother was given the power of attorney …

….now years later , about  two three months ago… his brother on that power of attorney sold the  house … and brought a new one at a new location and had it transferred in his name….

Ilm Deen we know is living a nearly broke existence … barely surviving on his own of daily wages…so

..then there is another real problem… the Mother and the father….  at the moment his brother is keeping them ….though in a small dingy room  and giving  them what he calls meal …and a shelter… Mother and Father are not in a state to suffer .. father nearly out of his senses…and mother old ,fragile and weak…
..this is the main point on which his brother is blackmailing and browbeating  with out any regard…  Ilm deen cannot take them with himself….as he does not have a home… Wife and Children have left him … and no body really cares about him  or his whereabouts and how is he living .. and in what condition …  all his friend have proven to be fair weather friends only… Me too… though have tried to help him …But I have my own limitations … I myself am a lone man …. and he has Flatly refused  any of my what little help I have offered him …its his pride ..his Ego … which he calls his principals…
.. Ilm deen spends almost  all of his time outside …even when he is jobless.. he will often sit at some bus stop ..for hours …and then late at night would go  to the  small dingy room ..his brother has  given him to spend the rest of his life…

…This is a Real life  unfolding story ..

cannot take any legal actions against his brother for two reasons… one ..he is broke and cannot afford the lawyers fees…for now and for later perusal , as we all know such cases drag on for years and years and years… and are not given justice ..except to those who can buy Justice.


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