Ilm Deen ka Almiya part 5

by afatqiamat

A couple of day back , met  Ilm-deen again , he is now a skeleton of what he was , his shirt and pant appeared loose on his  once athletic figure . there were dark spots around his eyes , and was obviously in a depressed state .

he looked at me , empty mindedly , perhaps not even recognizing me ,  I went over to his table at the  usual Quetta Talash Hotel , where  I would see him often , sat beside him and asked him how he was …

his empty eyes , looked at me as if trying to remember , then a little glint of recognition and in a voice which did not revealed his inner state   , cordially asked  me to sit …..then without asking me , …ordered a cup of tea ….and just stared at me …without saying anything …

I asked him how he was , and he without hesitation as if mechanically answered he is alright and in the same breath asked about me ….

Actually I had heard a news , a news about his third daughter getting married  , I was wondering whether he knew it or not , for  he did not knew , or probably he was  not told  ,when they married Off his second daughter  , and when I told him about his second daughter’s marriage , …………his eyes went blank ..and a small tear appeared in some corner of his eye …said nothing  , …gulped his tea  and stood up and just went away …. with as straight and upright as one can be……but when he was  outside the Hotel ….his shoulders and head dropped  he walked away ….. as a broken man….

It pained me ….so now  with the news of his third daughter too getting married , and finding myself again in the same position ….. of that a messenger of doom ….  I could not muster  courage …. all I could do was ask him again …how is he…..?

..He sensed something in my voice ….and just  looked at me ….first empty mindedly …then a shadow came into his eyes , his whole face depicted a pang of pain , eyes dropped ….and he stood up …. stood there for an eternity ….shoulders dropped … did his  head , turned around ..and started walking toward the door .

then stopped  , turned back to me……and looked at me  hard ……and murmured …..’  so they have married away my daughter ….’ …..!!

a wave of fear , went through my  spine …. sort of a jolt , and I too stood up ….and just kept looking at him …a ragging storm filled my head  , I felt paralyzed , a small bead of  sweat must have appeared on my forehead , for I have not told him anything , not even a hint , ….  he must have seen them ….for a  wry cruel smile came onto his lips …. he just  nodded his head as is he understand , then with a twist of face ….just turned back and walked out ….  

I went after him  , and saw his  shoulders straightening  and his head raised again  , as if with an effort he is trying to control his inner turmoil ………and then melted  into the  scene .

I just stood there ….

..that night  I cried , i cried  so much that my pillow was soaked in my  tears….

Aah Ilm-din  …   when will his  miseries end , and for what  God , if any such thing exists  , is torturing him

why …why why….?  and i have no answer



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