Aik Sanjeeda Baat

by afatqiamat

aik sanjeeda bat kehney jaa rehey heen , so usko mukhtasir rekheen gey.

khush loog aik arsay say ik kawish ker rehey heen , yeh khamooshi say , khidmet-e-khalk meen hissa dalney walay loog heen .

goo hum inkay baray meen ziada naheen jantey , per mukhlis legtey heen .

koi bhi sahib , tehkeek kernay kay baad , inka hosla barha sektey heen.

sub say achee baat yeh hey keh , aap apni ‘contributions’ waghaira per khud nazar rekh saktey heen,inka sala system Net based hey , or her shaks khud mushahida ker sakta hey keh yeh kiyaa ker rehey heen.

registr ation free hey, or zarori naheen keh aap ney khuch ” contribute kiya hoo ”
register hooney kay baad in key BMS [ beneficiarry management system ] key zariya jo khuch hoo reha hey , ya yeh ker rehey heen , aap usper khud nazar rakh saktey heen.

Agar samajh ayee or aap apni tehkeek say mutmaeen hoon , to shamil hoo jayeen , warna kam is kam inko inki kamiyabi kee neek tamanayeen zaroor deyn , or dua kereen keh yeh ‘ sirat-e-mustaqeem ‘ per qaim raheen .

English :


is a welfare organization , contributing in their own way , silently , though I do not know much about them, but they appear sincere , one can investigate and then decide , if one finds they are Ok, then I think they deserve ‘ appreciation ‘ for their effort

the good thing is, you can keep track of your own ,contributions and help through their BMS [ Benifeciary management system ] , which is web based , all you have to do is join , which is free .

I pray , god keeps them sincere and honest .


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