Nishter Nazreen

by afatqiamat

yeh unki masoob bay-khaber Nishter Nazreen
Hum bany but khatey rehey nishter Nazreen 

yeh Inteh-e-Sang dilli, our yeh nishter nazreen
yeh khamoshi , yeh shikwa, yeh ahsas our nishter nazreen

chand lamhay ko khamosh see chup chup see
chekhtey chingharetey , barastey Nister nazreen

yeh satehi-Ahsas ka Khali Khool
Yeh dard bhara dil, or nishter Nazreen

yeh Lahoo sa tapkey ,hey meyrey zakhmoon say
yeh her Qatra AAG see nishter Nazreen

yeh zaman-e-makan say azad khaiyal
yeh Qafs-e-zindan-e-ana ki nishtar nazreen

yeh jhuki jhuki see ankheen yeh paiwand lab
yeh rastee hoeeii ahsas ki nishter nazreen

yeh meyrey tanhai, our ahsas ka but
chalni chalni , raiza raiza kereen nishter nazreen

yeh Udasi, yeh baher-e-khizan ki chup chup see
Dil-guzar our tez-dhar araa see nishter nazreen

yeh thandi thandi dheemi dheemi tanhai
yeh bharkti sulagti yadoon ki nishter nazreen.


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