Shaieroon say Mae’zrt

by afatqiamat

humeen aksar apni dadi bohot yaad aati heen, halankey , ub to humeen unki shakal bhi sahi say yaad naheen, unka inteqal uswaqt huwa tha jub hum kafi chootey they.

humaray dada , aik ilmi shaksiyat they, halankey humara baqi tamam khandad tijarat peisha hey, us zamany meen jub loog , pancheen chatti perh ker utha liyee jaaty they, unhoon ney B.A LLB kiya thaa , halankey khud humaray walid ba mushkil matric ker sakey .

shairi waghaira say shouq thaa, humara gaoon dariyaya chanab kee kinarey hey, or khandan key borhey or buzurg batatey heen, keh wooh her saal , chenab key kinaray aik baray mushairey ka ineqad kertey they , aam tour say girmiyoon meen,  kafi shoura juma hootey they… phir halat ki wajah say Qanbar Ali Khan jo keh ghalibn Sindh meen keheen hey, wehan chawal polish kerney ka karkhana legayee .

humari Dadi shairoon say bohot chirhtee theen , unkey khiyal meen humaray DADA ki namaki ki wajah yeh shoara hi they , jinhoon ney unheen kissi kaam ka na chora , halankey B A LLB they , magar jem key wakalat bhi na ker sakey, halankey unkay sath hey kay aik wakeel Barrister Mohammed Amin , Quaid-e-azam key sathiyoon meen say they, or khandan key baray borhey batatey heen, ghalibn Quaid-e-azam aik adh dufa Barrister Mohammed Amin key haan ayee bhi they, to kiyoon keh humaray DADA bhi LLB they, to unhoon ney bhi ghalibn Quaid-e-azam say mulakat to zaroor kii hoo gee .
wallah alam , beherhal , humari dadi shairoon say bohot chirhtee theen, or humari walida bataya kertee theen keh , wooh aik din khas tour per Qanbar ali khan key railway station gayeen, or station master say keha , keh agar koi humaray dada ka poochtaa huwa yehan tek ayee , or uska huliya shiroon jaisay hoo to station say hi bhagaa deyjeeya gaa.    ub pata naheen station master ney kabhi aisa kiya hoo ya naheen, albata hansa zaroor hoo gaa.

Qanbar ali Khan meen yeh ziada tikkey naheen , aik to LLB ooper say Shairi ka shouq , phir kahn Karkhana chalana……
…hamaray Chacha ka bhi aksr maqami loogon say jhagraa hoota thaa…. maqami kehtey hey…
”  Itna bara seth our sirf aik Biwi….. ”

yeh baat bhi dadi ko achee na lagtee….so boriya bistara lapeytaa our Karachi aa gayee…


I often remember my grandmother ,though I cannot remember her face , she died when I was too young .

My Grandfather was a litereary personality , although all of our family belong to bussiness class, but even when they use to discontinue educatin of boys when they were in 5th or 6th , he did his B A and then LLB.

even my father ,hardly completed his matrics

My grandfather was very fond of poetry,and our village was near river Chenab , old folks of our family tell us , he used to organize an yearly ” Mushaira ” noormally during the summer season , at the river bank, and many prominents poets used to attend it.

but then circumstances changed , and he had to shift to Qambar ali khan a place in interior sind , where he set up factory of polishing rice.

My grandmother used to loath these poets , and was of firm opinion that the my grandfathers failure was due to the company of these poets , and althouogh my grandfather was a LLB ,he could not even practice law , although Barister Mohammed Amin was one of his colleagues , and old folks of our family tell that Once even Quaid-e-azam visited Barrister Mohammed Amin, so maybe my grandfather too met Quaid-e-azam because he too was LLB .

God knows better.

any way , my grandmother did not liked poets , and my mother tells me, while in Qambar ali Khan , she once even went to the Railway Station and requested the station master , not to tell any one , where my grandfather lives, especially if that some one looks like a Poet .

though I am not sure, station master would have entertained her request or not , but I am sure he must have had a hearty laugh.

My Grandfather could not stay longer in Kambar Ali Khan , because as my grandmother says,  he was a poet and  an  LLB  advocate , no chance of being a businessman  or  being industrialist .

the other factor was my Uncle , he would daily pick up fights with locals , as they would say ..

” Itna bara seth or bus aik Biwi ” [ Such a rich Seth and only one Wife..!!]  …….that would infuriate him and also my grandmother  …. so eventually they moved to  Karachi for better or worse.

humari angerzai kamzor hey, koi ghalti ho to dar guzar ker deyjeeay gaa.

My english is weak, to please ignore if there are any mistakes in it.


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