by afatqiamat

A Sea is All around Us and yet we are alone.

Every drop is Alone. Every wave is Alone.



No one was near me, all were very far.

In this crowded ocean, my soul was all alone.



Then you came along, now I was not alone.

in the rhythms of the waves, we were both alone.



Those lake deep eyes, those magician eyes.

those seas of tenderness, those alluring eyes.

Drowned me in a sea of mystery and illusion. and I was all alone.


Some one touched my being,

and I woke from a dream

I searched for you everywhere. and was Left alone.


All our memorable moments were with me. and I was again alone.


I wrote these words on the sands.

and waves washed them up from the sands.

And I was left alone, and you were left alone.


I know I am alone, but you too are now alone. 


One Comment to “Alone”

  1. I really enjoy the blog post. Great. gabggdeebagk

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