The Lost Generations of Pakistan

by afatqiamat

Pakistan is the only country which loves to loose its generations whenever they start to mature .

When Pakistan was made, the generation which was inspired was Aligarh Movement was spear heading it. M A Jinnah asked a Hindu Jagnathan Azad to compose the Pakistan’s first national anthem, which later after a competition went to the credit of Mr Hafiz Jallendri . ..Pakistan’s First Law Minister was also a Hindu. There were a lot of women participation , Begum Rana Liaqat Ali, Begum Salma Tasaduq , Mehnaz Rafi and the lot .

This generation was able to drag Pakistan to unprecedented heights.

We were a force to recon in many sporting fields, hockey, cricket, athletics , science , Squash , yachting ….. etc.
students of class 7 or 8 were discussing theories of relativity with their science teachers . Govt Schools yes the Peela Schools were known for their standard of education . Mehboob ul Haq a product of these very Peela Schools produced the Second economic Plan , which became a Model of progress , a show piece of how a developing nation can and should proceed on economic front.

Pakistan was producing every thing from a needle to a Ship.

But then suddenly , Son got Angry from his Daddy , and awamization of the society , led to the first loss of a generation. The generation that was discussing the theory of relativity suddenly found itself teaching the teachers …!! In the meanwhile , victor mentality of the rulers , resulted in the separation of One Wing.

Came Zia ul Haq , and the nation witnessed another U-turn . a liberal modern forward looking nation was forced into a tunnel vision , isolated cocoon of self-denial into a rotten stagnant philosophy of life , that had not moved an inch since the last 1400 years , in the name of preservation. Thus another generation infect two gotdisillusioned and dis oriented.

The fissure and fractures in the society became so prominent , it divided the nation into every conceive able division. Worst ethnic… period.

Thats my generation , the Karachi generation , that some how had managed to survive the onslaught of Stagnation , now found itself trapped again.

The boys who were once wondering about the possibility of using solar energy as the next vehicle of progress, found themselves discussing which bullets kills how many , and from how long, how to dig trenches , how to ambush Law enforcing agencies , which is the best chemical to burn a vehicle , how to drill you opponent to inflict maximum pain without killing , how to stuff the chopped bodies into Guinea bags.

All in the name of so called victimization of the over privileged over a loss of a few Grade 17 Jobs ,which was never proven , yet drowned in the rhetoric and propaganda …..and is still a strong motivational force for the hatred of every other community except themselves.

Another lost generation , in the meanwhile among the under-privileged classes another mind set was evolving , Baitullah Mehshud belonged to that Lost generation. A generation which was under privilaaged and sought refuge in a philosphy which his Mullah told was sactioned by God himself .

A dis-oriented and brainwashed generation . Result of the Confused polices of State , which had no idea of the realities of the Real world., entering a dangerous game of global powers , which in turn were at cross purpose with Pakistan own strategic interests the horrible fruits of which are still ripening.

This generation another Lost generation , impact of which will be felt for years to come and for generations to bear.


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