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February 28, 2011

Man ka Joogi

by afatqiamat

is man meen kaisay joogi
man koo aap manayeen

Aas ka darya pass hey teyree
man ki piyaas bhujaeen

jaltey deepak, rooshan akheyaan
man meen aas lagaeen

Sulgi sanseen, thandi aheen
man meen aag lagaeen

mehki mehki hey tanhai
man say baher ayaeen..?

jagmag jagmag chand sitarey
man meen deep jalayeen

Teekhi teekhi neechi ankheeyan
man Ghaiyel ko bhachaeen…?

Dil ki aenthen, kaisay wehshat
Man ki chubhan barhaeen.

man banjara, dukh ka maara
kaisay thankdak payeen

man ka bairi, aik asaeri
kaisay man ko bahayeen

Roog laga key, deep jala key
man meen lagan lagaeen

man ko dhoonday, man beyhara
man say mil na payeen..

door khara hey, bohot dhoowan hey
man ko deykh na payeen

Rukti sanseen, bohot ghutan hey
man key pass to ayeen

Is sehray meen, ub koi naheen hey
Ha-eyee kahan ub jayeen.

February 27, 2011

My Lost Soul

by afatqiamat

YOUR eyes so SAD

YOUR being so ALONE YOUR soul so LOST
…YOU wandered on the untrodden paths of SELF
bewildered confused……..afraid of yourself

YOU were not you
YOU were someone ELSE
…YOU were so unlike YOU
…YOU shut yourself in YOU


February 27, 2011


by afatqiamat

Ik Lamha hi hey Hasil-e-zindgi
Ik Lamha hi hey Lehd ka Fasla

Pel Pel Janay kitney jehan
Ik Tak men Badly badly jehan

Bay-sabati arzoo Mun Jalaye
Deepak ki anch hi Hasil-e-zindagi

woh jo ik aas ka Qatra hey
Hazaroon Behr jismee saamaye huway

Alag Alag Zat ka Resha Resha
Tarapta hey aysey keh mohlat bhi na miley

Jankaani ka yeh alam
Our yeh Zindgi
jaisay Takhta dar pey para
Para ik pur-Sakoon lasha

Ik Lamha hi hey Hasil-e-zindgi
Ik Lamha hi hey Lehd ka Fasla


February 26, 2011

……and the man he was

by afatqiamat

I watched him daily, every morning when I would have my breakfast at Quetta Talash Hotel , he would come on his Suzuki   filled with 10-12 beggars  —  after unloading them ,for half and hour  it would be like a Fish Market , Beggars yelling at each other and him and he yelling back at them , using the choicest expletives for them .

Then all the beggars would disperse , and he would come to the Quetta Talash Hotel , and have a cup of tea usually silently  and go .

Today unusually he looked at me and looked at my “Bun Mukhan” , yelled …. “Chootay aik Bun Mukhan bhi laa….. “ …..
Then had a deep observatory look at me , weighing me, judging me , and considering me , then with a squat in his eyes…. Bluntly started ….

“ The house rent is 8000 , electricity bill 2000-2500 , Gas 1500-1800 , I have 20-22 machines , some left over , some too weak , some nearly insane , some rejected by their relatives , then paused and said again ………… even sons and daughter have thrown them out , 5-6 of them are blinds, 8-10 disabled , …….and the remaining good for nothing .

Then after another silence of three four minutes , I too have a family of 5 , …then there are 4 other , each of them have families ….. we too have expenses …    These machines , they bring 3000-3500 per day , all 20-22 of them , some bring less , some more  , then he again felt silent , …….and after a while continued ……….. I wanted my child to be educated ,………… he had an accident ……. , ……and now he too sits with them……. Brings 400-500 daily now , I am a father ,it hurts me …..but that’s how life is.     …..then again raised his eyes , ………….and looked deeply in mine , and continued , …. People think we are cruel , we exploit , …..we earn from them…..but look at them , they are all rejects , no one is willing to even touch them …..even look at them .
We give them , a roof to sleep at night , we give them food , we give them cloths , we keep them safe from other hooligans , ….from Police …..from other gangs ,…. We treat them when they are ill, bury them when any one of them die …….and in return , they extract sympathy money from the society for themselves, for us ………… Is that a bad bargain ….??
The whole world is a market , you pay …you earn , some time you pay with you blood , and in return earn nothing but bad name …. This is how we are …..And…………Left.

………. I was left speechless , a volcano erupted inside me, a torrent of conflicting emotions , …….an explosion ……….and it swept away all my morality , I kept wondering who is cruel and who is kind,…….are they doing injustice …..exploiting or …what …?

Then I did not sae him for days…. Some other guy , in the same Suzuki was doing his job ………. Then one day I saw him again , again doing the same …. The same yelling the same expletives hurled at beggars ….whom he called his machines ,….then he again came to the Quetaa Talash hotel , sat at the same chair ,……looked again at me eating the same Bun Makhan…….. But it seemed he did not recognized me .. there was the look of a stranger ………. I wanted to ask him some thing ,…..about his child ,his own child , ….who was now working as his machine…… but with that stranger look in his eyes……… I could not.                And today ….with out even drinking my tea , ……. I stood up and left….    Empty minded , ……filled with a hollow feeling …….an unexplainable feeling for feeling helpless …….a conflicting feeling……a feeling which I could not name….a guilt that kept lingering with me ….for weeks..

PS : its a crude translation with some changes from one of my own iLogs…..published elsewhere…

February 24, 2011

Soona see Kirneen

by afatqiamat

behtey behtey jee chahta hey
keh beh jaoon
Pathar sakht heen noukeelay
jee chahta hey
sanmbhal jaoon

lehreen tend-o-khoo
tughiyani see hay samunder meen
sooraj ki kirneen hi
sirf meyri mash-el -e rah heen

Andheyree rat kay andhiyarey meen
ubhernay wali kirneen
soona see pheylanay wali kirneen
Umeed dilanay wali kirneen

magar muntashir muntashir see
charoon taraf pheylee huwi kirneen

koun see kiran meyri kiran hey
koun see roshni meyri manzil ki roshni hey

our meen bhe reha hoon
sanmbhal reha hoon
our sahil say dour hoo reha houn

kinara hey keh nazar naheen aata
roshni bohot dour hey
sahir nazar naheen aata
our jee chahta hey
Betha hi rahoon.

February 23, 2011

Kuch tum ney Suna

by afatqiamat

khuch tum ney suna
Khuch hum ney suna
jo sununa tha
sun sun key suna

Kiya tum ney suna
jo hum ney suna
ya tum ney suna
jo sub ney suna

sun , sun kay
sunaney suneney meen
or yeh bhi suna
keh wooh bhi suna

is suneney
sunaney suneney meen
na tum ney suna
jo sunena thaa

sun sun ker
suntey hi
phir bhi yeh kaha
keh khuch na suna

ub sunenna hey
to phir sun loo
na tum ney suna
jo hum ney suna

jub sun hi liya
to phir sun loo
keh wooh na suna
jo sunenna thaa

na tum ney suna
na hum ney suna
or sub ney suna
keh khuch na suna

jub khuch na suna
or phir yeh suna
sub sunenea sun
beykar suna.

February 23, 2011


by afatqiamat

Aaaj phir meen hoon
our goosha-e-tanhai hey
aaj phir mujh koo
koi haseen soorat yad ayee hey

Dil ka zakhm hey
our meyree udasee hey
namak say bharaa samundaar
meyree dawaa see hey

ubaltey paharoon key seeney
meen lawa hey
meyrey dil ki bhati
ub bani angaara hey

Rooh ki khamoosi hey
or dil ki udaasi hey
sehra ki abadi say ziada
dil itna weeran hey

February 23, 2011

The Lost Generations of Pakistan

by afatqiamat

Pakistan is the only country which loves to loose its generations whenever they start to mature .

When Pakistan was made, the generation which was inspired was Aligarh Movement was spear heading it. M A Jinnah asked a Hindu Jagnathan Azad to compose the Pakistan’s first national anthem, which later after a competition went to the credit of Mr Hafiz Jallendri . ..Pakistan’s First Law Minister was also a Hindu. There were a lot of women participation , Begum Rana Liaqat Ali, Begum Salma Tasaduq , Mehnaz Rafi and the lot .

This generation was able to drag Pakistan to unprecedented heights.

We were a force to recon in many sporting fields, hockey, cricket, athletics , science , Squash , yachting ….. etc.
students of class 7 or 8 were discussing theories of relativity with their science teachers . Govt Schools yes the Peela Schools were known for their standard of education . Mehboob ul Haq a product of these very Peela Schools produced the Second economic Plan , which became a Model of progress , a show piece of how a developing nation can and should proceed on economic front.

Pakistan was producing every thing from a needle to a Ship.

But then suddenly , Son got Angry from his Daddy , and awamization of the society , led to the first loss of a generation. The generation that was discussing the theory of relativity suddenly found itself teaching the teachers …!! In the meanwhile , victor mentality of the rulers , resulted in the separation of One Wing.

Came Zia ul Haq , and the nation witnessed another U-turn . a liberal modern forward looking nation was forced into a tunnel vision , isolated cocoon of self-denial into a rotten stagnant philosophy of life , that had not moved an inch since the last 1400 years , in the name of preservation. Thus another generation infect two gotdisillusioned and dis oriented.

The fissure and fractures in the society became so prominent , it divided the nation into every conceive able division. Worst ethnic… period.

Thats my generation , the Karachi generation , that some how had managed to survive the onslaught of Stagnation , now found itself trapped again.

The boys who were once wondering about the possibility of using solar energy as the next vehicle of progress, found themselves discussing which bullets kills how many , and from how long, how to dig trenches , how to ambush Law enforcing agencies , which is the best chemical to burn a vehicle , how to drill you opponent to inflict maximum pain without killing , how to stuff the chopped bodies into Guinea bags.

All in the name of so called victimization of the over privileged over a loss of a few Grade 17 Jobs ,which was never proven , yet drowned in the rhetoric and propaganda …..and is still a strong motivational force for the hatred of every other community except themselves.

Another lost generation , in the meanwhile among the under-privileged classes another mind set was evolving , Baitullah Mehshud belonged to that Lost generation. A generation which was under privilaaged and sought refuge in a philosphy which his Mullah told was sactioned by God himself .

A dis-oriented and brainwashed generation . Result of the Confused polices of State , which had no idea of the realities of the Real world., entering a dangerous game of global powers , which in turn were at cross purpose with Pakistan own strategic interests the horrible fruits of which are still ripening.

This generation another Lost generation , impact of which will be felt for years to come and for generations to bear.

February 22, 2011

The Defeaning Silence

by afatqiamat

Once you are alone with yourself. No one is near to you. You are sitting all alone in a crowded room full of strangers, aacquaintances, passersby and what not. It’s a small now nearly lost Iranian Tea House, just opposite Syed Manzil or is it not Iranian any more..??

I looked around …on the traditional counter the man was certainly not Irani, some local but the tea, it still had remnants of Old irani aroma, the half-cuttings, the cuttings, the pepper mint….. No they were not there, But the rounded sweet Jars were…behind the counters were stacks of Biscuits, 50:50, Zeera plus, and some unknown brand of coca-nut flavor and what that…?

In the Lime light were Packets of Sathi, a lost cause for the massive Population Welfare Department., They say they have some how dragged the population growth rate from 3.1 to 2.9 percent. Bangladesh had brought it down to about 1.8 in less time…

The Old radio …or was it a tape recorder was blurting out an old Lata’s Goldie’s….

It seemed strange at a place, so noisy, and full to hear a soft song….. One cannot even hear what was she singing….Just a tune and sweet crooning was all one could hear.

… On the Next table with a marble top, they still have those Marble top small tables with four trademark chairs once familiar in all the Iranian Hotels in Karachi, A beggar sat down with a thud, the Bar Wala Boy pounced on him….But he curtly ordered a tea and some biscuits. The Bar wala boy … cursing him silently …went away to get his tea and biscuits… and within a jiffy came back… and nearly threw the stuff at him.

The beggar non-challantly ignored his misconduct as if he is used to such a behavior and spurred his tea… Spurred…? What is spurred…. one might ask…. well if you pour your tea in the plate and then try to drink in with lips closed… you will make a spurring Noise….Spur…slurpppppp…slurpppp…. slurpppp and within minutes he poured the whole hot content into his egar empty belly….and biscuits he put them in his Alms’ bowl ….and howled for the Bar Wala Boy Again…. as if he is in too hurry….

Bar Boy….. Gestured him to go to the counter….and hollered…. Chey Rupeeya….. (6 Rs) the beggar dragged himself unto the counter…. with an innocent look as if to ask for alms.

Then from within his Sudri…. (A small piece with pocket in it) took out a bundle of Notes… all Rs 1000, 500, many of Rs 100, and Rs50, they must be of more then… Rs 10,000 denomination…. took out an Old checkered Rs 10 … and placed onto the counter …the manager took hold of the Rs 10 Note…speculated on it…and then poured out some coins in the plate….But By then …the beggar was gone …waving his Hand ….and pointing to the Bar Wala Boy…. as if asking him to collect his tip from there………. And again I was engulfed by the deafening silence of self. In the crowded room filled with strangers, passersby, acquaintances…. A Bus blurted its Horn somewhere on the road…..

… And the Life moved on……leaving me all alone again…..

February 22, 2011

Various Colors of Jugni

by afatqiamat

Punjab the land of the Sufis, the land where its Heer, Sahiban, Sohni, not to mention Dani Jatti, all female characters and the list goes on and on, make the folk lore.

Where Waris Shah and Bhulley Shah dominate, along with Data Ganj Bakhsh, then there is Mian Mir, Baba Farid, or transcending the boundaries of religion, Guru Gobind Singh.

Where Bhangra, Luddi, Tappe, Dholki, rules.

Enter Jugni, an entirely revolutionary genre of music, never ever seen in any other culture. Jugni is a narrator, a female who wanders through various lands and then sings her observations and comments about the land, the people and the events she sees.

It always starts with

Jugni ja ponhnchey …Calcutey

Jugni ja ponhnchey …Lahore

Jugni ja pohunchey …Ludhiyaney….

…etc… As Jugni reaches any specific place…

It might be a surprise for a few, that Jugni is actually a British Gift…!!

In 1906, it was the Jubilee year, of the Queen of England, and as part of celebration, a torch was Sent to the various parts of the British dominion, including India.

This torch, then traveled to various places, to Punjabi singers, Bhisna Jutt and Mohammed Manda of Hasanpur, Thana Vairowa, according to Pandit Diwan Singh were among the two singers that were participating in those Jubilee celebrations and singing at the various melas.

Soon Bhisna Jutt and Mohammed Manga separated themselves from the Official Celebrations and started singing revolutionary Ideas in the voice of Jugni.

This did not go well, with the British Government and at Gujranwala on charges of rioting both of them were imprisoned. History has, they were killed during police interrogations and torture.

Today Alam Lohar and his son Arif Lohar are credited with the revival of this unique genre of Punjabi music, which had a short span from 1906 to 1950’s.

Alam sang the first Jugni on PTV and then in a Film, making a remarkable comeback for this special genre of music.

Then it was Salem Javed, who re-revolutions it when he sang the Techno version. Since then it has not looked back.

Lately, it is Rabbi Shergil of the “Bhulla Ki jana men koun “ fame, who sang a beautiful Jugni , and its Rabbi’s Jugni which shows the revolutionary and political color of Jugni , he sang that with reference to Kashmir.

Some links to the various versions and colors of Jugni:

Alam Lohar‘s Jugni which he sang in a Film

Arif Lahar’s first and original Jugni he sang on PTV

Saleem Javed who revolutionized it with its techno version in 1993, along with Shabana Benjamin

Arif Lahar’s remix along with Mukhtar Sahota

Rabbi Shergils version

Note the political undertone, with reference to Kashmir in it…

And last but not the least, the filmi comeback of Jugni, as sang by Harbajan Man

…this along with at least two more tracks in the film “ooye lucky, lucky Oye “ has Jugni in them.


Let us appreciate the diversity of cultures in our beloved Pakistan by acknowledging the diversity of the people living in it.


Coke Studio’s retention a La Rohail Hyat’s composition by Arif Lohar and Mesha Shafi

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